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P0327 Knock Sensor - Performance??

This is a discussion on P0327 Knock Sensor - Performance?? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by 0rion it really depends on what code it was. Do you wash your engine bay with a ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0rion View Post
    it really depends on what code it was. Do you wash your engine bay with a water hose? Water will kill knock sensors pretty quickly.
    I just bought the about a month ago and it came on the first time I floored it and it was at about 90-100MPH the SES light came on.. I took it back to where I bought it and they said it was the knock sensor. They cleard the code and it hasnt come on since. I have been useing 93 octane. When I went to look at they had it a a detailing place and they had something over the engine like cleaner. They had to spray it off with water.

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    i had my very first code thrown today in over 5 years. was a knock sensor code for bank 2. the guy at auto zone said it could have been related to the moisture here lately. was rainy and foggy for a few days, and just outta know where i got the ses lite. had the code cleared and it hasnt been on for the rest of the day. any input on this? could it seriously been as simple as the moisture in the air today?

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    Just a heads up to all. I did some work on my intake and broke a sensor. I figured nbd I'll just get one from advance. This is where I drove into fuck ville. I bought two sensors, one was bad bought another that was bad. Needless to say I was getting ticked so i just used the good one and left the other. I would have bought one from gm but they were out and i needed the car. So just be careful and get oem if it wont kill ya.

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