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This is a discussion on overheated! within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; my 00z28 overheated a couple days ago. sad to say i wasnt paying attention and didnt notice my temp gauge ...

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    my 00z28 overheated a couple days ago. sad to say i wasnt paying attention and didnt notice my temp gauge rising. it was pinned out in the red for anywhere from 1-3 minutes. when i noticed it i pulled over and had it towed. i havent turned it on since. how do i know if any serious damage happened? is it okay to run it so check it out? or should i just start takin it apart to check it out?

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    Could just be a faulty sending unit. Pressure test the system and the Rad cap. Ensure the coolant is topped off and start it up to see if it does it again. Also check to ensure your fans are coming on.
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    What were you doing when it over heated? Mine just randomly over heated one day in a drive through, turned out I was way low on coolant from the water pump having a slow leak.

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    Begin with the basics... if the coolant level is full, start it up. Watch the gauge and see if it acts normal as the engine warms up. When you get to about where the gauge normally would be once fully warm, start checking the radiator hoses to see if they are hot -- this indicates that the thermostat is opening and the coolant is circulating. If the hoses stay cold, you have a stuck thermostat. Shut it down.

    If coolant is circulating, but the gauge continues to climb, are the fans kicking on? If not, shut it down and check fuses and relays. You can also kick your AC on and see if the fans engage as a quick test to see if they are getting power. The fans do not come on (unless re-programmed for a cooler thermostat) until something like 212 - 218 degrees (if I recall correctly). Also, the factory temp gauge is at best an approximation. They are not known for their accuracy.

    Other things to look for: Is your lower air dam intact? Is your radiator cap not sealing? Do you have any blockage from road debris, ie. a plastic bag, in front of the radiator? Is the car burning coolant (white smoke and you can smell it in the exhaust -- this is indicative of a blown head gasket)?

    Let us know what you find.

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    ... you're not the one that put coolant in the oil are you?

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    Could also be a sticking thermostat if it does it intermittently, changed my temp sending unit and it didn't fix it.

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