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Oil spitting out of exhaust, I need lots of input

This is a discussion on Oil spitting out of exhaust, I need lots of input within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Here is a thread with some more info....

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    Here is a thread with some more info....

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    I would just keep the oil checked and drive the hell out of it like normal. I know alot of people with the same problem and some of them get an air/oil seperator like they use on a air compresser or a catch can. But most just keep 6 quarts of oil in it at all times.

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    are you running a cated exhaust? if so, are you sure your seeing oil and not the black residue from hyrdocarbons and water dripping?

    your going to use some oil on a high hp engine, specially if your flogging it all the time washing the oil off the cyl. walls with fuel. not uncommon to burn through a qt very quickly.

    check the cheap easy stuff first.
    i would really look into the pcv valve first .some of the aftermarket ones will really spit the oil into the intake. they also will cause some drivability concerns from to much air coming into the system. seen this a bunch of times. one of the first things that went into the trash was the cheap pcv's when they came into the shop with a ruff run condition. use an a/c delco valve only.

    could also be that the previous owner clearance the air baffel for some a/m rockers and /or used one of the old truck covers that had a bad designed baffel valve cover that were repalced under a tsb.

    it's amazing how much oil can run through good hot cats and not smoke.

    then it's on to insp. of the plugs, the comp. and leak down tests.
    you say it has a bigger cam, did it smash the valve seals with lift? were the seals installed properly. if the comp and leak down look ok, pull the v/c's and take a peek at the seals before you pull the engine.

    sounds like it just could be that the NOX that was run, is going to cost you for running artifically induced horsepower.

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    mine has used 2-3 qts every 5k miles and i;'m now at 100k miles and it runs fine.

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