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Oil pressure gauge pinned?

This is a discussion on Oil pressure gauge pinned? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; First off, any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Well I just changed out my rear knock sensor and ...

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    Oil pressure gauge pinned?

    First off, any help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

    Well I just changed out my rear knock sensor and broke the infamous oil pressure sending unit when taking out the intake. I needed the car up and running for the drive to Gatlinburg tomorrow morning so I tryed to fix it the quick and easy way and JB welded the thing back in place. I started the car and everything runs normal but the oil pressure gauge reads a constant 90psi and never flinches (maxed out). I've heard if the OP sending unit was broken then it would read 0 pressure and not really be a problem other than it wouldnt work. Now that I see mine is maxed out it got me worried. What could be the problem? I'm not worried about the gauge not working for the drive to Gatlinburg, but is everything else still in safe operating condition? I even checked to see if it threw a code, but it passed showing nothing wrong.

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    Lol Jb weld is like duck tape...
    If ya broke the sensor i would reccomend replaceing the sensor with a new one. That will probly solve your issue.
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    You need to change the oil sensor.
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    yup sounds like the JB weld fucked somthing up with the OPSU

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    Look at it this way. At least this time you'll be able to pull the intake faster than the first time. Been there and done that. I read maybe 50-60 posts where people broke their sensor doing intake swaps and I still managed to break mine. Then I replaced my buddies on his c-5 so I've gotten pretty good at pulling the intake.

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