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Oil cooler cover plate ?? Oil Leak!

This is a discussion on Oil cooler cover plate ?? Oil Leak! within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Seems like I read something about this at one time, but can't find it. My 99 LS1 is leaking some ...

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    Oil cooler cover plate ?? Oil Leak!

    Seems like I read something about this at one time, but can't find it. My 99 LS1 is leaking some oil. Looks to me like it is coming out of that plate right above the filter. I bought the replacement gasket/seal and put it in - seemed to hold up for a bit, but was leaking the next day after I drove it to work about 25 miles. I took it to a local mechanic and he said the cover was warped a little - - planed it down, replaced seal/gasket again, still leaks. He is thinking maybe the pan gasket is leaking above it and just dripping down -- any experience here?

    Also, while discussing oil --- what is typical for oil pressure to jump to during maybe not quite WOT -- mine seems to go way high - near (or actually - it is hard to watch and drive at the same time) pegging the gauge -- is that normal? I just wonder if it is causing that seal to blow out due to excessive pressure?


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    This might be the thread you were talking about
    I would think that gasket would be designed to withstand high oil pressures but you might be on the right track with that thought

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