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Oil Change Time!

This is a discussion on Oil Change Time! within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hm, alright man. Thanks for your input. =)...

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    Hm, alright man. Thanks for your input. =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutlass View Post
    Anyone have an opinion/facts on the rumor(or maybe truth) about the greater the viscosity spread in a multi-weight oil, the less stable is it?
    ie 0w30 is less stable then 10w30 because the viscosity spread is greater.
    Thatís going to come down to the individual product and how the formulator chooses to formulate their product. And the list goes on as to what type, quantities and quality of additives/base oils used to formulate the finished product.

    The bottom line is if you get a Used Oil Analysis (UOA) done and you find that your motor oil sheared out of grade, then you may have an idea that the formulator either (a) failed to formulate a balanced product or (b) met their cost objective buy using cheap additives and base oils.

    Iíve been using an 0W-30 motor oil for quite some time now and it remains in grade even with the presence of 3% fuel dilution in the motor oil and 7,500 miles/10 months on the clock. Now thatís a stable rock solid oil!

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    compsyn-i agree with your post 100% !! rkvette

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    Bump! Hm okay guys i finaly found time to do it today..but when reading the online pdf manual for the car..says 5w-30 is good till...around 60 degrees?? lol im sure i read that wrong..but here in pueblo our summers range from should i take it back and get 10w-30?? My shifts at work end around early its pretty hot by this car sleeps in garage lol and i drive it..not inhumanely but..i do get on it. if this information helps..and i do wait for the car to warm before getting on it yada yada..but i also heard the thermo is goofy on this year? (2002 a4 ta) and i was wondering..well someone said they go off the oil pressure..mine sits around 40-60..pretty much. even on cold iunno
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