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oil change light, comes on then off... wtf???

This is a discussion on oil change light, comes on then off... wtf??? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ok well my oil change light keeps coming on, and then it turns off. Then it seems like when im ...

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    oil change light, comes on then off... wtf???

    Ok well my oil change light keeps coming on, and then it turns off. Then it seems like when im at an incline it comes on. but drive around for awhile then it turns off. Is this how they're suppose to work? i thought they was suppose to stay on? oil level in the motor is fine, i have no oil leaks on my motor, and pressure is reading normal 40ish psi.

    it comes on when i first start it, then just turns off. repeats its self for awhile. freaking annoying.

    any help would be greatly appreciated guys!

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    Mine comes on every time I start the car, it goes away after 2 minutes or so. I pay no attention to it. I know when the oil needs changin, not some damn CPU.

    I believe there is a way to reset it, Cant remember. Someone will chime in. I just saw this thread not too long ago.

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    It will stay on if you drive it long enough between oil change intervals.
    What it's doing is telling you that it wants new blood.....& soon.

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    Don't think the GM oil life system cares or knows you're on an incline. If it's not due for an oil change reset it by turning the key to run, don't start the car - then either depress the gas pedal to the floor 3 times, or press and hold the trip/oil reset button on the dash for a few seconds until it flashes or goes off. The low oil light is something else and comes from the sensor in the oil pan, comes on when you're about 2 quarts low.

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    you need to reset the oil change monitor whenever you change the oil.

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    u can also reset but turning key to on without starting the car and holding the trip/oil reset until it blicks, like 10 seconds or something
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