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Oil change

This is a discussion on Oil change within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Here's a question. My car is strictly a cruiser, so the calender moves faster than the odometer. When do I ...

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    Oil change

    Here's a question. My car is strictly a cruiser, so the calender moves faster than the odometer. When do I change my oil? 3000miles might take years. What do ya think?

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    Once a year. NO LESS. It won't break you and you need to check under the hood for other issues. I have the same situation, I drive my car about 1800 miles a year and every spring I break out the Mobil 1 and a fresh K&N filter.

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    The 3 month/3000 mile 'rule' is developed for people who drive, meaning sit in traffic (for 3 months) or drive nonstop (for 3000 miles). The 3 month 'policy' doesn't apply the same when your can doesn't move for 3 months. This policy isn't a shelf-life one.

    However, I would change it once a year if it sat for as long as mine does, through several months of compromised weather. Which means your car is exposed big temp changes, especially humidity changes.

    If your car is run a couple of times every month, I would follow the 3000k 'rule'.

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    I have a garage queen (Sara) 2001 Z28 with 32K original miles. I use a high grade synthetic 10w-30 oil with a Mobil 1 filter. I change the oil and filter every 2 years, and the oil that is removed is still clean.


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    I agree with the above. Mine is a Daily Driver 120k miles and i use mobil 1 EP 10w30 with fram extended guard filter. I replace my oil every 5k miles.

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    Mine is not a daily driver either. But I changed mine every 6 months without fail.

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    Once a year regardless, if you don't put at least 3k on it. Or, use the oil life system. But, the owners manual says change it at least once per year, even if the light doesn't come on. And reset the light when it does get changed.

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