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Off the road for winter, question.

This is a discussion on Off the road for winter, question. within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hi guys, Althought I don't take my Camaro off the road completely in Winter, I tend to leave it in ...

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    Off the road for winter, question.

    Hi guys,

    Althought I don't take my Camaro off the road completely in Winter, I tend to leave it in the garage when the weather is bad and only venture out with it on fine days.

    I am looking to invest in a battery tender, but I would like to know if this is enough and whether I should start the car periodically and have it ticking over for a while, if so how long?

    All your thoughts are most welcome.

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    I use a Battery Tender on all our stored vehicles and lawn equipment in the winter -- works great. At least every 45-60 days, I start the vehicles and allow them to fully warm up. You should also add a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank, make sure the tires are inflated to spec, and, if stored inside, keep the windows rolled down just a crack to allow for air to circulate.

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    Agree. I used to start mine once a month in winter but doing as Jeff states won't hurt either.

    Also agree with keeping the windows cracked as condensation can cause all sorts of problems inside and mildew.

    Can't comment on the battery tender as I've never used one.

    My car storage unit is heated so I have'nt had use for one yet on my cars.

    I probably should as do I have to jump the tractor once in a while, though since it's an antique and has a starter generator I've been procrastinating a bit.

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    I would also, if you don't plan on moving your car, Jack the car up to prevent flat spots with the tires.
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    Thanks guys, you've all been most helpful.

    Merry Christmas to all.

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