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No SES light, pls help

This is a discussion on No SES light, pls help within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Ok, let's see if anyone has had this same problem. I have a nice running WS-6 and it has been ...

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    No SES light, pls help

    Ok, let's see if anyone has had this same problem. I have a nice running WS-6 and it has been acting up for the last month. It bogs down when I first start it and it acts like it is not getting enough gas?? Then I open her up for a minute or less at WOT and then she runs fine the rest of the time, till I turn her off. Then when I start her up again the same bogging down, starving for the gas till I WOT at around 3K. The bogging down is around 1.8K to about 2.7K then when it is running good it seems fine, runs great, shifts fine and everything. I changed the MAF and cleaned the sensor around the filter. I changed back to a stock air filter, because the K & N oil filter did not do the MAF good on other forums with the MAF. before this started happaning I noticed the lock up did not engage right away on the auto tranny. Did I read something back there about the K$N, MAF and doing the tranny bad??? well like I say, now when I open it up, and it is doing good, smooth shifting and can't complain. but I can't keep revving around the neightborhood till she feels like driving fine, might get a ticket or something. car has 65000 miles maybe just a good tune up??

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    use a fuel pressure gauge and check the fuel pressure at start up and driving etc.Also check the batt voltage.

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    Also the TC won't lock up right away when cold, mine doesn't lock until I hit the first mark on the temp gauge - about 140* on a scanner if I remember correctly.

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