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No Oil, Wal-Mart to Blame.

This is a discussion on No Oil, Wal-Mart to Blame. within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by Krazy351w well sir i feel bad for you because your a sorry ass peice of shit comeing ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krazy351w View Post
    well sir i feel bad for you because your a sorry ass peice of shit comeing here and saying that. this place is for support not for people to get cut down by dumbasses.
    What internet are you looking at?

    IMO you learned an important lesson, hopefully your car isn't hurt. You actually took you car back to them and let them inspect it so you definately not going to get any money. You have basically have made the wrong decision in every stage of this thing, I hope you start thinking about what your doing or youre not gonna make it.

    I also don't have any compassion for you. I guess, in your defense, if you can't figure out that walmart is a dumbass place to take your car, then there is no telling how much worse you could have messed up doing it yourself.
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    New to the site, don't know anyone yet, and I don't want to pile on, but a quick synopsis of what i have read. (I am not a lawyer, i just play one on the internet.)

    You put in writing that you had a junker motor and now you want them to replace with a new one. Now it is 'of record'.

    They are not going to pay for a new engine when there is no proof of damage as yet.

    You did get home from Walmart and seemingly noticed nothing on the way. No smoke from oil on the exhaust, no low oil pressure, no engine noise, and no increase in temperature? I am not a mechanic but I would think that one of these things would have been some indication of the issue.

    Again, I am not trying to pile on, it is a bummer that it happened. If someone offers a service, you have to expect that the service will be performed as described. If/when it is not as described, identify the root cause of the issue, and mitigate the possibility of the issue reoccurring.

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    this one is done.....

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