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No Heat Help?

This is a discussion on No Heat Help? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have a 99 Camaro SS I turned the heat on and nothing happened I looked at the heater cord ...

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    No Heat Help?

    I have a 99 Camaro SS I turned the heat on and nothing happened I looked at the heater cord lins going in and out both looked good. I know its common for the heater cord to get cloged but when I flip it from hot to cold I don't hear any thing 00ss you could hear the flap move or a vaccum noise the 99 nothing. Any input before I dig in to it would help


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    Does the position switch still work; can you go from defrost to air coming out the middle vents to air out the bottom? If so the temp switch or wires from it could have broken. If the switch and wiring appear to be fine then check to see if the heater core is clogged. Quickest way to check it in the car is to disconnect the inlet and return lines from the heater core and try to run water through it. If the core is plugged you wont get anything out or very little out the return hose.
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    also check the vaccum line where it comes off the back of the intake at the map sensor.....big hose goes to the break booster, small hose goes to the heater controls.
    not sure about yours, but my 04 goat also has a coolant shutoff inline in the coolant hose going to the heater that is vaccum operated, might check that too

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    you dont have to disconnect the hoses to the heater core to see if it is clogged, just get the engine warm and turn the heate on but leave the fan on low. feel the 2 hoses with your hand, if they are both hot then your heater core is fine, if one is hot and the other is cooler or not as warm, it could possibly be plugged up

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    Just changed my heater core out about 4 weeksish ago.

    I got the lifetime warranty from otterzone and it looks exactly like stock and I dropped about 10 degrees of normal operating temperature.

    If you bend down the glove box(two tabs you press in to get it to fold down) you can see all the vacuum hoses right there. Keep us updated

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    sounds like either a switch or vacuum issue like these guys have been saying if you're not hearing the vents switch.

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    Thanks for the input I am going to work on it this weekend and will let you know what I find.

    "vetteemt" I did test the vents that switch works fine.

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