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New suggestio for mystery vibes

This is a discussion on New suggestio for mystery vibes within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Just a thought on searching out mystery vibrations, try a road force balance on the tires. Whats differant than a ...

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    New suggestio for mystery vibes

    Just a thought on searching out mystery vibrations, try a road force balance on the tires. Whats differant than a regulare spin force is that they put road force pressure on the tread of the tire to find soft spots and deffects that have gone unoticed by regular QC. They can also check the rim on both the x and y axis for trueness, even cast rims can be out of round. The local Staurn dealer that I bought my WS6 from has one, best part is that can almost elminate those nice weights.

    They are can be hard to find being that the machine I presume are very expensive and are relitivly new on the market by guess, but they are out there.

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    I have worked at a place that had one of these road force balancers. A very advanced tire balancer, but hard to find a place that has these. We had dealerships sending cars to us to use the machine. Try calling around for this-but don't be surprised if you can't find one. I had a weird experience with my 02 Z when it was new. I did my first rotate and balance using this machine. It flagged one of my tires as having excessive roadforce. I got Chevrolet to warranty replace the tire and retested, it came up with the same "problem" with the new tire. Never had a vibration from either tire so I never figured out why it was flagging this wheel or tire as a problem. Went to a different shop before the next rotate + balance cycle so i don't have access to this anymore.

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