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NEED HELP!!! LS1 won't turn over after idling rough

This is a discussion on NEED HELP!!! LS1 won't turn over after idling rough within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; So I'm having trouble with this 2000 VX Commodore ls1 i bought. its a bit of a long story but ...

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    Exclamation NEED HELP!!! LS1 won't turn over after idling rough

    So I'm having trouble with this 2000 VX Commodore ls1 i bought. its a bit of a long story but i really can't figure out why it won't turn over anymore.

    I got it a week ago and it wasn't running. I pulled out engine as it was pissing oil everywhere and hadn't had a service in 2years and was dirty as hell. i changed all gaskets and seals while it was out and cleaned it. also noticed it had a snapped valve spring and dropped an intake valve so put a second hand one in.

    got motor back in and it wouldn't start. i played around with the sensors/plugs behind the manifold with ignition on and heard something "power up" in the engine so i turned key and it started! BUT it was running pretty rough. so i put in new leads, spark plugs fuel and air filter but still it ran rough and overheated. i also had check engine light on and radiator light.

    i noticed i had the coolant temp sensor on the wrong side at the back or in other words i put the heads on the wrong way so i swapped the coolant temp sensor with the dud plug on the other head and plugged it in.

    now at this stage all the loom plugs had homes. and the check engine and radiator light was off and it ran normal in neutral and park but still ran a bit rough in drive(not moving with handbrake up) with the coolant temp sensor plugged in but after revving unto about 3-4000 rpm for a minute to try see if it still overheated from having the plug in the check engine light came on and the radiator light came back on.

    i then revved again and noticed it struggled and the rpm started to die and also the battery light came on. it then stalled. i started it back up gave it another rev and it stalled again with the battery light. it won't start back up. i have fuel but i have no spark from testing spark plugs.

    also these fuses only light up the fuse tester when the key has the ignition turned to on.

    auto trans
    eng sensor

    dot know if that helps.

    what is going on??

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place btw. please redirect me if it is

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    Sounds like it may be ready for a complete rebuild.
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