OK this is not on my camaro ...I have a 2002 Galant which the transmission took a shit so i went to the junk yard and picked up a 03 transmission yesterday i took the old one out and put the new one in here's my problem... when i had the transmission out i took the torque converter off by spinning it to take off the 4 nuts i was spinning it the wrong way by mistake and oil pushed up passed the rings and right out the spark plugs which i didn't notice until later so i get the torque converter off and put the new one on also spinning it the wrong way to get the nuts back on after that it was so hard to spin i couldn't move it . I put the transmission in then bolted the rest of the car back together . when i went to start it all i get is a clicking noise so i took the plugs out thinking that there was pressure there and i noticed the oil . I then went under the car to see if i can spin the flywheel to maybe free it up and it doesn't move what should i do ???