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Need help with dead spot

This is a discussion on Need help with dead spot within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ^^^ Yes, checking fuel pressure had already been mentioned in post #15, so there was no sense in me repeating ...

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    ^^^ Yes, checking fuel pressure had already been mentioned in post #15, so there was no sense in me repeating it. I only added the next thing I'd check after those previously mentioned in the thread were checked.

    And you're right that such a problem usually sets a misfire code, but I don't think he has a scanner or software to read all the DTCs that may be stored. He might have had a person at an auto parts store plug a code reader into it and just read the most recent code stored and not all codes. I have seen a few people just plug-in a see one code on the display and then unplug.

    I went through a similar situation with one of my LS1s several years ago and it turned out that two of the coils were weak. They functioned properly at low RPM but not at higher RPMs (about 2500 and up) or under load. That was before I bought tuning software. Actually, that was the event that prompted me to go ahead and buy the software.

    Anyway, perhaps I should have given more details in my post. Thanks for pointing it out.
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    I know about post 15, I was just agreeing with it. And with the higher cylinder pressures at higher RPM, your weak coil(s) theory needs to be ruled out as well. It's hard to fix cars from hundreds of miles away, eh? Did your weak coils show up on the misfire counter?

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    could be the cats shitting out if the rear 02 was sending codes...

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