All right guys I pulled my engine and D1SC from the sales because a BUDDY LOL was to give a deposit which till today have not seen?Anyways i just wanted to leave my ss alome thats why i was selling in the first place.Now my other buddy felt so bad as not to see me take such a loss on my iteams,He gave me his 95 transam which needs a fron clip. Paint and enterior are perfect.The stock LT1 and 5 speed are allready gone NOW ive already have a BMR LS1 K member My question is should i get a LS1 6 speed computer and get KATECHs wire adption kit for the relocated knock and cam sensors or just put in an LS2 6 speed computer?HELP me out here guys and i will be putting a 6 speed behind this blown LS2 IM just concerned about the stock LT1 computer plugs adapting to the LS LS2 computer or am i gonna end up changing the dash etc out???ED 724 869 9643 please help PLEASE LOL