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My M6 99 SS has 71,000 miles on it

This is a discussion on My M6 99 SS has 71,000 miles on it within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I haven't touched it and figure its time for a little maint/upgrades. I don't want to go crazy because I ...

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    1999 Camaro SS

    My M6 99 SS has 71,000 miles on it

    I haven't touched it and figure its time for a little maint/upgrades. I don't want to go crazy because I am buying a 96 Viper and shopping for a b4c car for a street strip car. I just want this car to be nice and a reliable driver - its not my daily driver. I want recommendations on brand names and sources of purchase for the following items.

    New brakes - pads and rotors (slotted or drilled)

    New clutch - a little beefier than stock but not anything too crazy

    Rear - since I don't drive it much, I have pretty much decided on 4.10's - should I rebuild the 10 bolt or go for a 12 bolt? i think I have a torsen now and it doesn't seem to be working properly (no posi or limited slip???). I want a nice posi that I wont have to worry about.

    Suspension - while I've got the rear out I may as well replace the control arms and torque arm and add an adj panhard bar and some subframe connectors.

    LT Headers - I think I have this part figured out - finally, thank you Keliente - I'm going with ceramic coated Pacesetters and a catted Y pipe and keeping my Borla cat back system (MD has emissions inspections so I want to keep the cat).

    I will be doing the work myself - have been working on SB and BB Chevy's all my adult life and my best friend has a lift I can use anytime.

    Thanks guys any advice is welcome.

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    1999 Hardtop Z28

    Powerslot slotted/brembo blanks/hawks hps -

    Ls6 clutch

    Ford 9inch with 4.11s

    Umi suspension all the way. high quality. cheap prices. weld ins.

    Pacesetters FTW!!

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    LS7/LS2 Clutch Combo and upgrade all the Hydraulics.

    If your sticking with street radials you can keep your 10bolt, just upgrade the posi and get a rearend girdle.
    UMI Stuff is awesome, Might want to look into upgrading your shocks to some Koni's, Unless your SS has the Bilstien setup.
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    2001 Camaro SS M6

    I want your job, shit to afford all that would be my fucking dream. But back to your problem. The post above would do nicely.

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    1999 Camaro SS

    So Far I'm thinking

    havent decided on brakes

    havent decided on clutch - except after reading some clutch stickies I know I have to get that black shit out of my hydraulic system

    Still leaning towards a 12 bolt

    Come on guys you can do better than this

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    Last year I bought the ebay slotted and drilled rotors made by R1 Concepts. I put most of the summer on them with a few passes at the drag strip with no issues. Good budget rotor.

    I'm an a4 guy so I can't help you on the clutch.....

    I personally run a strange 12 bolt in my car. It was a direct bolt in right down to the fluid. I had to wire up the abs on the pumpkin and that was it. Since you're a 99 you'll have 4 channel abs and wouldn't even have to do that. The torque arm mounts on the strange are the same as stock also unlike the moser which runs 4 small bolts that are known to back out even after applying loctite to them. I wouldn't put a dime into the 10 bolt, I would drive it until it breaks and buy another cheap 10 bolt if you're set on keeping the 10 bolt.

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