Well, I noticed my windows were starting to mess up. First the driver and then the passenger. Then the passenger window started to work fine but the diver hasn't worked since. I went to mess with it today and as I was putting the door panel back on and the car switch on just to listen to the music I noticed a lot of fire comming from the wires on the switch that locks the door/puts up the window. I turned the car off and started to leave. I noticed the passenger window was still down a little so I went back to put it up...and it did AGAIN! The window slowly went up and I had to turn the car off and left it.

So I'm going to be driving another car for a while, because it's WAY to hot to drive without the windows down and I'm not about to attempt to put those windows down again.

But now for the question. What is causing this? At first I thought it was the drive side motor that wouldn't let the driver window go up. I even got a replacement and took it to a shop to get it put back in but he said he wouln't because he would have to cut small wholes in the door and then warned me about the wires catching fire at a random time.

So what do I need to fix this? I'm thinking a whole new control switch that goes in the handle of the door panel and probably some new wires. Any idea how much this would cost to be put in? I'll be getting a shop to do it for sure.