I have had many many almost never ending electrical problems with my 98 Trans Am ever since I bought it, almost 2 years ago. For ease of confusion and answers I will post one single thread here with the multiple problems I have been having, Somewhat like a checklist Questions 1 through 3 are the most important to me. For me to understand all of your answers clearly, please put the number before the response of your answer so I know which problem you are talking about please.. Ok, here we go:

1. I bought the car with a Clifford alarm system already installed. As I now know, Clifford was bought out years ago by the company Viper Electronics. My problem with this is that when the system is connected (when I plug the fuse back in) the car goes into an "Auto-Arming" mode after 30 seconds of the doors closing, keys out of the ignition or any other simple task like being parked in the garage. It literally starts screaming for no reason sometimes too! (Probably from the sound or proximity sensors) . The previous owner tore the FCC ID stickers off both the remote transmitters so now I cant find out the Clifford model number (and there are tons of models!) So my question to whom it may concern is this: Is there any way that I can look some place for the Main Module Reciver? Perhaps it may have the model number on it so I can look up the manual online and figure out how to turn off this Auto-Arm feature? Any help or knowledge on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as the keyless entry is wired to the alarm so when the alarm is unhooked, the keyless entry is as well.

2. My front left turn signal stays solid when the rear one blinks. I have put much thought into this and the only answer I can come up with is a Turn Signal Relay Switch went bad. Anyone agree, or disagree?

3. When I look at my front left and right turn signals/parking lights at a distance one of them always seems brighter than the other. I have replaced both bulbs with no progress made. Can this be because of the possible Turn Signal Relay Switch problem or no, a different problem?

4. (Simple Question) When I replace a burnt out bulb in the car, another one seems to always go out somewhere else on the exterior. Because there are 13 total! Is this a normal problem?

5. (Confrimation Question) I discovered that I have the dreaded stripped headlight motor gear problem. When the headlights go down, the right one makes the awful grinding noise for a few seconds due to "resitance" measured by the computers on board. My question is if I buy the brass headlight gears kit, this will stop the grinding noise and the headlights flipping up when only the Fog Lights are switched on, correct or negative?

Any information provided from past experience, reviewed threads, or professional advice would be appreciated to the utmost extent. Thank you for checking out my post and for all help you may provide. Hope to hear from some of you!