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muffler noise

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    1999 Camaro

    muffler noise

    I have a 1999 camaro 3800 v6 i know i know i wish it was a V8 and i got plans to change that problem but i went and had a magnaflow exhaust package put under my car now for the first few months everything was fine untill one day i pulled up to a drive thru and i herd a metal radling noise at first i thought heat shield so i took it back and he fixed it or so i thought not more than a week later it's doing it again but now every time i hit a pot hole speed bump anything i'm hearing a rocking noise and yes i did replace the shocks and stuts to see if that was it. It was not anyways i was woundering if any of yall have had this problem and if yall might know whats it's deal

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    not sure if this would be it, but i had a rattling noise (couldn't pinpoint which direction it would come from when riding in the vehicle), but anyway turned out to be a loose ball flange right under the driver (the ball flange is what connects the driver side cat/pipe to the rest of the exhaust, y-pipe). the gasket in there had deteriorated, and it was loose, making annoying rattles..

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    New rubber exhaust hangers can sometimes make noise especially during cold days..

    When I first did my custom exhaust the passenger out pipe on the muffler would sometimes rub and bump the spare tire well seam.
    I took a rubber mallet to the spot welded lip there and slightly bent it over more towards the wheel well.. Did the trick..

    You could try (if you have'nt already) get the car securely on jack stands or a lift.
    Then get under there and wiggle the exhaust by hand. Be a little forcefull more than likely you'll find the issue if that's it..

    Also I've had tiny rocks/peddles get caught between the heat shields and the body that would make a jagged/chattering sound..
    While the car is in the air give each tin shield a tap with the handle of a hammer.. May be able to pin point it that way..
    Good luck..
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    Check your cats too. I had to replace the Y pipe on my truck a year ago because on came apart on me. Just lay under the car and hit them a few times with the ball of your hand. If it's a cat, you'll hear the pieces rattle in there.

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    While your underneath it, see if it's really close to any other metal components. Like smittro said, move it around to see if it could hit anything.

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