long story short, this would be going into my 54 chevy project so emissions/etc are not a concern.

so I found this guy locally who has a swap that was pieced together by its previous owner. The motor is an ls1 out of 98 camaro with allegedly only 45k and is 99% complete, only missing ps pump and acc brackets. The trans, pcm and harness are out of an 04 silverado with ~80k. The guy wants just upwards of 2k for everything. I know the pcm can be flashed to make everything work together (probably?), and I was planning on swapping at least the cam and probably an ls6 intake right off the bat anyways.

I'm just wondering if it's worth it to begin with, then what else will have to be invested to get it all running & driving correctly, and will the truck gearing suck ass when all is said & done?

thoughts? any other issues I haven't thought of?