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MAF question....

This is a discussion on MAF question.... within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; So the MAF sensor on my SS finally gave out. Tried taking it out, cleaning it and the throttle body ...

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    MAF question....

    So the MAF sensor on my SS finally gave out. Tried taking it out, cleaning it and the throttle body and erased the codes of low input to sensor. Codes stayed off for about 2 trips around town before they popped up again, and I know it's the sensor cause I just recently replaced my air filter with an AmsOil Air Filter and the car has hesitation issues after initial take off and those are the only codes being thrown.

    Any who....wanted to ask, I was going to just purchase a stock MAF sensor with lifetime warranty through O'Reilly's and came across these JET performance MAF sensors.

    So my question is, do these aftermarket MAF sensors actually do anything? Or should I just save my money and go with the stock OEM replacement?

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    I'd go with a stock GM unit. I also prefer to buy new when it comes to this electronic stuff.
    Unfortunately GM has redesigned these MAF's. They no longer use the heated wires inside,,,it's a smallish computer looking chip,,,and they no longer have screens (not a bad thing) but it may require some tuning to make it right.

    I figured I was having MAF issues as well on my wifes car, slow throttle response and a part throttle hesitation that it started doing. Rather than spend money on the new MAF and then have to tune it anyway,,,,I decided to go speed density and rid the car of the MAF all together.

    I couldn't be happier, much better throttle response, I have better idle quality, and a rock steady AFR at WOT, and I eliminated another electronic device, and it saved me from having to buy another MAF (~$200).

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