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LT1 knock module

This is a discussion on LT1 knock module within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I have been having trouble with my opti. When wot at higher rpm my car bangs out and just lugs. ...

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    LT1 knock module

    I have been having trouble with my opti. When wot at higher rpm my car bangs out and just lugs. I have put two new opti's on in about a 2 month period. But i have not fixed the problem completly. Somedays it will run good other days runs like s--t. I put a LT4 in my 96 T/A but never upgraded my stock LT1 knock module to a LT4 knock module. Could this be possibly my problem from the knock module advancing my timing. Any help would be appreciated this problem is getting very frustrating. Sometimes it won't even power brake because of it luging and banging out to bad.

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    If i recall, the lt4 module is just a desensitized lt1 module. Will it fix your prob, I really am not sure. I can tell you that the last lt1 I did was a heads/cam/exhaust/stall upgrade and it had the exact problem. First, the opti went out, then a random misfire, fixed that and it runs like a raped ape up until it shifts into 3rd (a4) then it dogs out some. I tried a new knock sensor and it seemed to help (maybe). I am not sure what the issue is exactly, but it has to do with highway speeds, other than that, it runs really good. What have you done to yours so far, if any. I believe my issue may be in the tune because the fuel trims I feel are not quite right, that may yours also.

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