I am from Polish

I am starting building new drifcar..Bmw e30 with LS2 engine.
Ineed some info about the LS2 engine

Questions for you:

1.Oil system in engine

...a lot of people change the oil pan on a larger bowl,it is necessary???
...which way is better bigger oil pan or Accusump Oil Accumulator ($$)

...camshaft which gives power increase without moving the change parts in head ??
..what height on the exhaust cam??
...what height the intake cam??

..how many horses you can get from the exhaust, and what is best for this engine???

4.transmission and clutch

..transmission T-56 from viper(transmissionfrom viperis the same as the pontiac gto)??
...from which car transsmision is better and stronger for the drift(what code transmission)???
..and connecting the motor with the transmission using the bell as shown in the link(McLeod 8710-00 McLeod SFI Bellhousings)
...clutch(Nitro will supercharged engine"++100hp/130nm)..
..I think about this clutch (ACT Clutch Kits | Products ~ ACT / Performance Clutch Kits, Clutches and Flywheels will be good???

question!!..you have some ways to increase the engine power for small money??

Great thanks guys!!