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Ls2 help

This is a discussion on Ls2 help within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I shoved an Ls2 into an S10 this year with a 4l60e and a trailblazzer ss ecu to control everything ...

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    Ls2 help

    I shoved an Ls2 into an S10 this year with a 4l60e and a trailblazzer ss ecu to control everything first day of start up engine ran great but had tranny probs, got the fluid up, still has probs. next day start the car up to move it out of the garage and now the engine runs poorly... I am having a few issues and was wondering if anyone could help...

    1. NO POWER engine has no throttle response and if floored wont go past 3000 rpms checked over all wires conections ect no change....

    2. Trans issues: does not shift, just realized the speed sensor isn't working... could this be an ecu prob? everythings hooked up

    3. I hook up a scanner and it says NO LINK and i was told it was compatible for the trailblazer ( tried it both with the key on and with it running) I was hoping this would tell me the codes its throwing..

    Does anyone no where i should start...

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    for the first one, all i can suggest is to check the throttle linkage and that your cable is pulled tight

    and the second one, yes, shift points are in the ecu and would make a difference without a speed sensor

    hope this helps a little

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    sounds like it's in reduced power mode and that's why it's running poorly and won't rev. The no link sounds ( and I'm guessing here) like you're not communicating with the ecu through the data port. Have you checked the port for power and verified your pinouts on it? What scanner are you using on it? Like was stated, without the speed sensor your tranny will pitch a fit. I'm not sure if that'll put the car in reduced power mode but it might. Did it run fine until you tried to move it? If so I would lean towards the speed sensor possibly being the root of your problems.

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