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    1989 Mazda RX-7 LS1

    LS1 Self Regulated Alternator? or PCM Bypass

    I have a LS1 swapped RX7, and I have obvisouly misssed something......

    It is a 2000 LS1, with stock computer, and 1 wire alternator. But the alternator is not charging, so obvisouly the excitor wire isn't doing its thing.

    The car is a pourpose build race car. So I am looking for a simple answer.

    The question is instead of tracking down my issue is there a Self Regulated Alternator out there that fits the LS1, or are there any "Tricks" to bypass. I figured anyone that is running a carb since there is no PCM would probably know exactly what I was talking about.

    Thanks for your help.

    Bobby Jasan
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    I think this is the info you need

    That board has TONS of info on exactly what you are into

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    1989 Mazda RX-7 LS1


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    I got this info from GM
    The generator uses only two connections-battery positive and the L terminal, in addition to the ground path through the generator bracket. Use of P, I, and S terminals is optional. The P terminal is connected to the stator and may be connected externally to a tachometer or other devise. The I terminal can be connected directly to battery voltage to power the generator instead of, or in addition to, the L terminal which must be stepped down. This S terminal may be connected to an external voltage source, such as voltage near the battery, for voltage control. If the S terminal is not used, internal generator voltage is used for control.

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    1996 Camaro Z28 vert

    On the 1 wire alternator on my boat you have to rev the engine a little to excite the regulator. What brand of alternator do you have?

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