I'm Interested in building a small block for a advance design truck on a s10 frame. My question is does anybody make high performance 4.8l parts and an aluminum block LS1 specfically for the 3.78 bore. I want the smaller displacement as its a hotrod and won't be used for hauling. If I were to go bigger I would have to fuel that extra diplacement for no reason IMHO. I have thought about a large diplacement 4.3 maybe supercharged/ or turbo but then I am adding extra weight of turbo accessories/ shortening lifespan. I would like to spend more money on quality parts and tuning a nautarally aspirated smallblock of more recent generation. The gen4 has a 4.8 that has aluminum block but no vvt that would aid me in fuel economy. I am not interested in active fuel managnement either. 400-450 horse is my goal.