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LS1 in a '74 Corvette Question

This is a discussion on LS1 in a '74 Corvette Question within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; In '74 they did not have catalytic converters. If I were to put an ls1 in that vette would i ...

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    LS1 in a '74 Corvette Question

    In '74 they did not have catalytic converters. If I were to put an ls1 in that vette would i need converters? For that fact would I need an exhaust at all or could I run open headers? Would the lack of back pressure with open headers even be beneficial, or would a full exhaust be a better idea?

    I do have a 74 corvette and am thinking crazy thoughts.... crazy like a fox...

    (The camaro and vette)
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    I would think not...depends on your state really. Here you can take them off a brand new car and not get in trouble for it. We do not have emissions test, and I have ran cars with none on it and been pulled over for loud exhaust, but they never fined me for the lack of cats. I know your asking because it is an old car, therefore it might be exempt.

    My question...ls1 engine, ls1 computer reads no cats, your throwing an engine code, even if you delete the rear o2's.

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    if they were not OE equipment then i believe they are not needed

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    okay first, my 74 camaro which was a cali car had factory cats, but it was smog exempt as of 04 so i re did the whole car engine and all,

    for you you do not need cats and if you are planning on stick with the original exhaust that is a bad idea, im confused as to what you are doin i know you wanna put an ls1 in but what are your plans with the car,?

    and no, if you delete the o2's your pcm wont throw a code because that code wont be in the library,

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