Well i'm back and while i'm not doing a wild swap i'm doing a bit of a project.. I bought a 96 s-10 with a blown up 4.3l v6 i belive it is.. well i needed a truck for hauling my jet skis, bike, trailer, parts, ect.. so i bought this truck for $500.. I immediately went to the junkyard to start looking for a running motor and surprised as i was the only motor that i could buy that would bolt right in was the 3.8l but i did come across an interesting find. I found a 4.8l LR4 that the the owner of the yard wanted $400 for the motor and all electrical and 700 for that plus the transmission.. well i know this motor is only a 260hp motor and like 300 ft lb.. but the interesting part is the guy wants $550 for the 3.8l v6 motors.. Now i asked if he had any 5.3l or 6.0l motors and he said 1000 for just the motor. so i'm figuring i can do this little project and while this truck won't be blindingly fast it will have plenty of power to pull whatever i need which isn't much and it could be a daily driver. So i'm just wondering what y'alls opinions are on this? also if i have the full electrical system from this car it would make using the transmission that goes with it alot easier correct? and finally will this engine accept most parts from other ls style motors such as intake manifolds, headers, and such?

also The motor only has 1207 miles on it before the van was t-boned and rolled multiple times