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Low Trac ?

This is a discussion on Low Trac ? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; So coming to a normal stop im getting Low Trac flash and then its gone? what to check for, i ...

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    Low Trac ?

    So coming to a normal stop im getting Low Trac flash and then its gone? what to check for, i have a scanner, but without a light will it still tell me what did go wrong? Also its a 01 SS M6 with No Traction Control!
    Any ideas or things to check for?

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    maybe wheel speed sensors... trac control has no to do with it
    if one of the sensors has failed you'll need to replace the hub assembly
    would need a code (if there is one stored) and some pinpoint testing to verify the failure

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    Mine only does it when the ABS kicks in.
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    Mine comes on to only and i say only when the ABS is on. Nail it when the ABS is off and see.

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    It comes on during braking or excessive wheelspin because it senses the rear or front wheel speed difference too much out of range.
    The speed sensors are connected to the ABS system so that's why it still shows even if you don't have ASR or TCS.

    Braking lightly over certain bumps will set it off too.

    Once in a while that light may come on and stay on for like more than a min...the ABS InOp and BRAKE will both light up telling you the ABS system failed.
    A shutdown and a restart of the system will get it back to working (engine off, then restart it)

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    It's just trying to tell you that you have a low traction condition-not a failure of any component. I've seen mine come on during braking over bumps where I wasn't aware of any loss of traction. But having the light come on made me more aware of what was going on at the tire level ,in this case the loss of adhesion between tire and road due to the limitations of the solid rear axle suspension over bumps.
    Not a failure-actually a component working properly for once!

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