I swaped my serpentine belt yesterday and now the fucking thing says low oil/coolant? Before starting the car last night i checked ALL my fluids to make sure they were topped off. Power steering,oil,coolant becasue those are the things that the belt moved. They were all good, but when i fired it up the lights came on. Same thing today. What cud be wrong?? Maybe the comp is screwed up a bit cuz my friend jump started it? (battery died). And last night i drove it for 45 min to charge the battery and the coolant light didnt come on, just the oil. Today its the opposite. I know for a fact there is no whole in the reasavour becasue i moved the car to a new spot, used a funnel and poured coolant. I then wathced for 15 min and nothing leaked, even when i started the car. Im gonna take it to my friends shop tommorow and jack it up on the lift to make sure its all good. But what could it be?

By the way, a few years back when my friends dads car battery died out (ford explorer) he jump started it but the 4X4 didnt work. I hope i didnt fuck anything up