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low coolant

This is a discussion on low coolant within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; well, Ive checked and my coolant is full, yet my low coolant light keeps coming on? anyone know why this ...

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    low coolant

    well, Ive checked and my coolant is full, yet my low coolant light keeps coming on? anyone know why this could be?

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    Most likely the low coolant sensor on the radiator, they go bad. You can try taking it out and cleaning it, buy a new one, or just unplug it and the light will stay off. My car doesn't have one, starting in 2K GM took them off our cars.

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    ^+1 Yea I have nothing else to say about that...just wanted to up my post count

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    i know this is like a month late, but hey i'm sloooooowww.

    I think the former owner or seller of my car unplugged mine on purpose. I was trying to change my motor mounts and noticed it danging. Ever since i plugged it in it has been on and off at random times, mostly on.

    My guess is these suckers love to break, thus the unplug. for what its worth i'm just about ready to unplug it and say to heck with it.

    I justed looked up the cost of a new one, ouch. I'm pretty tempted to say screw it and leave it unplugged, good luck.

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