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Looking to buy 98 Z28 - high miles, SES - advice?

This is a discussion on Looking to buy 98 Z28 - high miles, SES - advice? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys -first post on a new forum. Spend countless hours on as I've been into F-bodys for a ...

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    Looking to buy 98 Z28 - high miles, SES - advice?

    Hey guys -first post on a new forum. Spend countless hours on as I've been into F-bodys for a while, and had a couple third gen cars, but now I'm looking at moving up to some LS1 power and economy. Take a look at this ad below - this is the car I'm looking at and I'd like some thoughts on it. First, here is the ad - then my throughts:

    1998 Z28 Camaro
    140k miles
    6 Speed
    Cd player
    Leather Interior (Drivers seat is ripped)
    T Tops
    ZR1 Corvette wheels (Needs new Tires)
    Paint chipped on front fender and front lip of hood
    Dale earnhardt logos on front fenders (From his dealership in the Carolinas) Earnhardt clone
    SLP Airlid
    True dual exhaust with Xpipe SOUNDS AMAZING, will not see this set up on any other camaro's Custom job (Full 3 inch)
    Pacesetter Longtube Headers
    B&M ripper Shifter
    Service Engine light comes on occasionally due to a 100 RPM flutter in the idle when the car idles. Do not know the problem, however it has done this for the last 5 years I have owned the car. I have been able to get it inspected yearly when the light goes off, even though the RPM flutter at idle remains.
    REVS EXCELLENT< DRIVES EXCELLENT. Flutter goes away above 1000 RPM

    Clutch is excellent, shifts smooth.

    Sound pretty reasonable. I went and looked at the car last night. The body is not terrible, and it is rust free. Hood paint doesn't quite match the rest of the front clip, and it has 1 big front scrap on the nose that was repainted, rather poorly. Doors back is fine. The ZR1's look like they would be ok w/ some fresh paint - tires are definetly wasted. Interior is fairly rough, drivers seat is trashed, rear seats out but available. The car does start and run very nicely. It was stone cold 30* out last night, and it started right up. Motor is pretty quiet, no major valvetrain or bottom end sounds - typical light GM noise. Exhaust sounds pretty great - low/deep at idle and rips when you really lay into it. The car wasn't road legal, so we just took it up and down his street, rolls ok, didn't get beyond second but the trans/clutch felt fine. Put my foot in it even in second and it light right up on that cold pavement.

    What do you guys think - is $4500 a pretty good price? Thats his bottom dollar. How do these car's do with high miles? What do you think of his comments on the SES and idle. The car has long-tubes, rear 02's are probably funny if its intermitent like that. Anyone know if you turn them off via computer w/ other emissions stuff if NYS will still pass it through the OBDII test?

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    If the light comes on it will not pass nys emissions. If you turn it off you need all the readiness monitors to be on or it still won't pass. Does it still have cats? For that much money I would have it towed to a shop and have them look at it. They might even have an old emission dyno they could run it on.

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    Doesn't sound like the owner took care of the car - intermitent SES for 5 years - doesn't know why - should at least be able to tell you what the code is/was.

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    i got a 98 hardtop a4 112k w/nice paint and interior, bone stock for $5200. mods are all planned out. not having it that long i cant speak for high miles other than it runs great. ithink the key is like anything elseif it wasnt pounded to death it should be fine. but you are looking at shifter, exhaust, and whatever else modded i forget, ripped seat scraped nose paint doesnt match not roadworthy didnt drive it out of 2nd gear wont idle properly bald tires and obviously the wheels are crap. dont get suckered in by a bad ass exhaust sound, run away! it sounds like a long hard life that car has led IMO.

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