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Left Handbrake on..........

This is a discussion on Left Handbrake on.......... within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ......... firstly let me say im an idiot - i know.... i accidently left the handbrake on whilst driving back ...

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    Unhappy Left Handbrake on..........

    ......... firstly let me say im an idiot - i know.... i accidently left the handbrake on whilst driving back from college tonight. My dad pretty much handles this kind of stuff when it comes to my car, but i really dont feel like letting him know until i know what im dealing with, because he'll kill me! when i stopped and realised, it was smoking a little but not like crazy. according to google its 8 mi from college to my house, but i take afew shortcuts
    in all honesty how fucked are my brakes now?? what will i need to do?

    how much will it be to replace the cable??

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    If you could drive without noticing it, then you're probably fine...your rear brakes are probably worn more than they would have been if you had not driven with the E-brake on, but all-in-all, you should be fine.

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    worst case... your rotors may have warped... but i doubt it...

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    The e-brake is not the disc brakes. It is a set of drum brakes that work inside the rotor. so worst case you need to tighten the cable which probably needs done anyways if you could drive with it on. And possible adjust the drum brakes.

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    Yeah with my EBrake on I cant drive no where. If I pull it while driving my rear tires just lock up like im slamming on the regular breaks.

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