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Leaking power steering fluid

This is a discussion on Leaking power steering fluid within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; hey everyone im new to posting new threads and i need some help. Im driving my 2000 ss home the ...

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    Leaking power steering fluid

    hey everyone im new to posting new threads and i need some help. Im driving my 2000 ss home the other night and all the sudden i was out of power steering fluid when the wheel got hard to turn. im leaking power steering fluid from what looks like around the rack and pinion any other ideas of what else it could be?
    p.s. slight amount of smoke appears when turning of wheels all the way to one side while car is running but in park.

    already rulled out the following:
    - power steering pump
    - hoses connecting to power steering pump

    any help would be greatly appreciated....

    also any thoughts on new vs rebuild kits ??
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    It's either leaking from 3 places. The pressure hose, the pump itself, or the rack. If you've ruled out the pressure hose and the pump, well then guess what......

    Good luck. If you order a rack, make sure it's matched to your VIN #. Not all the racks for 98-02 cars are the same.

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    If you see "smoke" or smell fluid burning off its either running down the block or getting on a hot surface which would lean me towards one of your lines, the resevoir or the pump itself. your best bet is to clean up the area with degreaser and get it nice and clean, jack up the front end and put it on jack stands and have someone start the car and turn the wheel from lock to lock to pinpoint your leak, otherwise your just going to be throwing parts at it.
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    Are you sure the high pressure hose isn't leaking? The hose won't leak unless there is pressure on it. Fill the resivoir and then have a friend turn the wheel all the way to one direction and hold it. If there's a leak, you should see it.

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    Drain the fluids,,,then replace the power steering pump and high pressure hose,,,then fill with fluid,,,drive it for a few days,,then do a fluid drain and refill again,,,trust me,,you want to do a drain and fill more than once,,to get as much of the crude from the rack to be removed,,to make your new pump last longer then it would of,,,

    When my pump goes out again,,its time for a manual rack and pinion,,or a high end after market pump and rack and pinion,,,

    Rack it up all,,,hapy friday

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    Since it's an SS car don't rule out a leaking power steering cooler.
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    im leaning more to it being the rack and pinion due to the fact that the car was still leaking when i had it sitting in the garage cooing off so i could climb up under to look check the rack and there was a good size puddle.

    and whats so good about manual rack and pinions on the performance side?? does it just free up some extra horses??

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    i just recently replaced my rack and pinion... but i think my leak is from the reservoir...
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    Read this it might help.

    I had a leak that was a mofo to find. It leaked all over the damn place. I thought at first it was the rack & pinion, then the high pressure hose, turns out it was a .70 cent O ring that.

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