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Intermittent Engine Problems

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    Intermittent Engine Problems

    I have a stock 98 T/A with 113,000 miles. It has recently started giving me intermittent problems.

    A few weeks back I was attempting to leave for work and the car would not start. It would turn over without effort but it was not attempting to start. Due to time constraints, I had it towed to the shop. As luck would have it when they started their diagnosis, the car started as if nothing was wrong. Having not thrown a code they had no suggestions for me.

    Fast forward a couple of weeks. The car still starts fine. However, it randomly dies while being driven. I can be cruising at highway speeds and the engine will die. There is no indication from the gauges that there was a change in pressures, temperature or voltages when this occurs. It simply dies. If I keep it in gear, it will usually start again after a few seconds and then operate as if nothing happened.

    There problem is extremely random. Sometimes it occurs when the car is cold and I am just starting to drive. Other times it is after I have been driving for 30 minutes. Sometime it happens in lower gears on side streets. Other times it is at highway speeds.

    I am baffled by this situation. It is not even throwing a service engine light/code to assist in the diagnosis. Other than the first instance, it has not shown symptoms at a time and place where I can perform some basic diagnostics. As a result, I havenít been able to determine if it is a fuel delivery problem or something electrical in nature.

    I realize this is random and vague, but any thoughts that you have would be appreciated.

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    do a fuel pressure check and then u will no where it is at.not sure on ignition check.very strange indeed.

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    I would do a fuel pressure check and I would also replace both your fuel and ignition relays and see if that fixes it.

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    gay idea- plugs maybe? they should be replaced at 100K

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    Quote Originally Posted by dipherentdesign
    gay idea- plugs maybe? they should be replaced at 100K
    I forgot to mention that I had the standard 100 K tune-up/belt, filter, fluid change.

    However, it may be worth checking to make sure they actually completed the work as billed.

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    fuel pressure

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    I've had a similar problem on my car ('94 Formula, 6 spd.). Mine will just fall off while driving, burble, gurgle and then just die out. When it first falls off I push in the clutch and it will idle roughly, barely take the gas and spit and pop when you give it the gas. I'll get stopped, let it die (or just cut it off). If I try to restart it immediately, it will crank (sometimes) but continues to sputter and run rough. I'll wait a few minutes and then it will start back and run fine. I may pull off and it run fine for a while or it may happen again in less than a mile. Usually does it after getting completely warmed up but can happen in a few miles or after driving for 30 minutes.

    Shows DTC code 16 (Distributor Ignition System/low resolutin pulse). Anyone with experience with this one (with symptoms like I've had)?? Please help!!

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    I had same problem.....mine turned out to be burnt connections on the ignition leads where they plug into the steering column....worth a look.
    Mine were in a blue connector block. Let us know what you find

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    Definitely the ignition system.

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    Wild ass guess-fuel pump going out.It wont throw a code and will cut out random like that at first.Keep driving it and you'll find out soon enough-unfortunetly you'll be sitting on the side of the road somewhere.Random stuff is hard to figure out-if you get a fuel pressure gauge you can pull over and try to catch it when it screws up.The shrader valve on the fuel rail is very easy to get to on these engines.Or when it dies just take a pocket screw driver and push in the valve -like a tire valve-fuel should spray out like a horse peeing so stand clear.If it just dribbles out you dont have enough pressure-have the pump replaced.Spark plugs wont give these symptoms-ignition modules or coils usually screw up when warmed up-but cant rule this stuff out yet.Gotta catch it when it screws up-good luck!

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    Had this exact thing happening to me at for some time and so far I think I have solved it!as for my troubles it was mostly when I had a great electrical draw on the car so it led me to check the basics such as battery,alt, grounds and such and what I've found is when the issue occured the ECM loses power completely .turns out if our cars lose battery power for as little as 20 sec the alt. Can't compensate and the ECM is starved and shuts long story short make sure both battery conections are tight at the battery and block mounting points and at the starter and alternator return wire. Tightening these connections has solved my problem and it's not came back for six months so far

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