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Installing Catalytic Converters a Pain? (P0430 code)

This is a discussion on Installing Catalytic Converters a Pain? (P0430 code) within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Got a new code today, P0430. Looking around the site it appears that its an indicator that the passenger side ...

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    Installing Catalytic Converters a Pain? (P0430 code)

    Got a new code today, P0430. Looking around the site it appears that its an indicator that the passenger side O2 sensor or catalytic converter is on it's way out. Not a shocking development; the car is 10+ years old and has 173k miles. However, I didn't see anyone talking about what they've done to replace them. All the threads appear to be how to remove them and not get caught. I realize that the primary reason is probably that people would rather spend money on something that improves performance rather than detracts from it. However, I'm curious as to how difficult it would be to actually replace them. I'm also not sure why there's such a wide variance in the prices for these things online. I've seen replacements priced between $50 and $300 online for what looks like the same part. Can someone fill me in as to what I would be getting into if I decided to do this myself and what exactly I'd need to accomplish it?

    My technical background isn't very broad. I've installed a stereo system, about a dozen window motors (slight exaggeration), lots of interior trim and lamps, two sets of brake pads and rotors, both AIR check valves, fuel filter, serpentine belts, and changed rear gear fluid on my own. The rest I've paid someone else to do. I've never attempted to work on the exhaust system and I don't have a lift or a pit, just a couple of wheel ramps.

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    Everbody I have talked to has had problems with aftermarket cats. Only lasting a little while, then going out. You need jack stands, a jack, and plenty of PB blaster. I am pretty sure it is a 14 mm with extensions and you got it.

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    You will need plenty of PB and a stout impact wrench. It's pretty much a case of unbolting the old part and bolting the new part on but those bolts to the manifold are going to be really frozen up. Also, it's not going to make much sense to replace just the one side since they're both the same age. If you go that route might as well plan on replacing them both.


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    ^^This. You could probably find a pair of high-flow units online for cheap and pay for the installation. I am biased to Mangaflow as I had one on my previous car.
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    ^^^What Rich says is true. But, you could wait until the drivers side sets the code, before you replace both. Some people don't know that the catalyst code(s) won't set until the PCM proves out the O2 sensors. Usually the code won't set for a blockage problem, but only for a true converter conversion issue. (sorry, forgot how to spell ''efficincy''.......god I feel stupid!)

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    spend the money buy long tubes and have the cats deleted, be cheaper in the long run.

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