Hey Dudes,

Thanks for the pointers on the belt duck squeak..... I found the temporary fix using a bar soap very helpful. Of course Belt dressing didn't resolve the squeak.

Since the squeak is coming from the inside of the belt where it meets the idler pulley.... I'm concluding that there is some sort of friction correct? This friction in turn result in the squeal upon acceleration tension.

Why are the member in this forum suggesting a pulley idler replacement rather than finding a resolution to dissipate that tension. I can see replacement if the idler internal bearing was shot to hell.

By the same token, can this idler pulley be refurbished or repair at home to rid this squeal. At 111,000 miles, the squeal is another recent problem that I'm having with my TA..... and I'm pretty sure many other of you are having the same problems.... If no one has a refurbishing answer, I will see what I can do and post my finding in this thread to help others.

Thanks TA Users!