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idle issue

This is a discussion on idle issue within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; im having a idle issue with my 04 gto when u first start the car sometimes it has a rough ...

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    idle issue

    im having a idle issue with my 04 gto when u first start the car sometimes it has a rough idle but after u let the car idle for a few mins it goes away ive changed the up stream 02 sensors my rear 02 sensor are tuned out and ive changed the plugs and wires still does the same thing im starting to think its the fuel here cause it never did it beofre i shipped it from ohio to hawaii the reason i think it might be the fuel is because they only sell 92 here and before i was putting 97 anyone ever have the same problem or any ideas what else to check?

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    you clean your MAF?...throw a new fuel filter in it as well

    what are your mods??

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    You could try what was happens to mine sometimes. I have the k&n setup and if I don't plug in this little sensor or If I forget to plug it back in after I clean it, it idles erratically plus I almost lost it a couple of times cuz it dangles just enought to hit the belts so I guess just make sure it's plugged in it falls out easily. You may not have know you lost it so just check to see that theres no detached wire

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