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?? I have a 97 T/A,

This is a discussion on ?? I have a 97 T/A, within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; which I had an accident with. I wreck my left fender, both headlights and assemblies, And I also messed the ...

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    ?? I have a 97 T/A,

    which I had an accident with. I wreck my left fender, both headlights and assemblies, And I also messed the nose cover. Someone mentioned to me that I can actually replace the whole front from a 98-02 T/A, Is this true? Will it be a perfect swap or would I have to make modifications to make it fit/work. Thank you for your input in advance.

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    I don't know for certain that you don't have to do a little tinkering. I was thinking of doing that years ago with my 97, but seeing as how you have this oppertunity why not right. When I was looking into it I had the impression that most things line up rather decently and that a person with minor skills could figure it out.
    However are you sure you really want to do that... nothing against anyone out there that has done that (I mean I was going to myself) But personally I wouldn't thats like putting a true WS6 badge on a non-WS6 car... just seems a little cheap... just my .02 sorry if I offended someone.

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