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How annoying is the skip shift feature? Opinions..

This is a discussion on How annoying is the skip shift feature? Opinions.. within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Im looking at a shift light right now that I might buy, so I might unplugg the bulb of the ...

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    Im looking at a shift light right now that I might buy, so I might unplugg the bulb of the skip-shift (which is alread disabled) so it dosent confuse the hell out of me.

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    Skip-shift saved me $1000 on Gas Guzzler tax so I like it. lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2KPewterSS View Post
    One of the worst ideas GM ever had IMO, when I get six speed, that will be one of the first things modded.
    Yea, but it was either that or the gas guzzler tax.

    Lets see, $.50 resistor, or $1500 government tax?? I know what I would choose, and thats why GM did it

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    stupid rid of it right away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ls2camaro View Post
    Skip-shift saved me $1000 on Gas Guzzler tax so I like it. lol.
    What do you mean?

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    The skip shift makes you shift from 1st to 4th gear if you are taking off with 25% throttle or less (I could have the exact number wrong but you get the idea). I found it very annoying and immediately got the eliminator (from RK Sport). The problem that I hated the worst-you are in traffic in a left turn lane. People take off very slowly until they get through the turn, then it's all hell breaking loose as they accelerate away in the straight away. That's right about the time you need to hit 2nd gear-the steering wheel is turned so you can't see the 'skip shift' light on the dash-and you are of course trying to watch traffic. So you go to hit second gear and it's got you locked out! So you are fumbling around trying for 4th which bogs you out a bit because you are trying to accelerate now! The car behind you is wondering what the deal is and gives you a dirty look as he goes by-and there's your powerful sports car looking like a Chevette... I ordered my eliminator about 2 days after buying my car and installed it immediately-it's been 5 years and 34,000 miles with no problems--I highly recommend it.

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    If you delete cags with HP Tuner or LS1 Edit the light wont come on anymore.

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