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Help!! High idle rpms

This is a discussion on Help!! High idle rpms within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Today on my way home as I got off the highway and proceeded to put my car into neutral and ...

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    Help!! High idle rpms

    Today on my way home as I got off the highway and proceeded to put my car into neutral and glide into the stoplight my rpms jumped as if i had downshifted from 6-3, but as i stopped at the stoplight they were about 2000, when i started going again my car basically drove itself, i was upshifting with almost no use of the gas pedal and when i released the pedal the car would maintain a constant speed and rpm. each time i came to a stop the idling rpms would be slighting higher than the last, apparently the problem getting worse. When I arrived home I was idling at 3500.

    I've recently had issues with needing alot of gas pedal to get going in first gear, and tough shifting as if the clutch isnt releasing enough to change gears smoothly. I hope someone can help me, so I know what to expect at the repair shop. thanks

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    almost sounds as if the throttle is hanging up and sticking ot the IAC valve is not working as it should.

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    yeah sounds like its hanging up , but one of ur Idle speed sensor could be taking a shit on u ur probaly looken at 300 to 400 depending on how much it cost for that sensor and diagnosis. thas what my shop would problly quote u

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    Check your IDLE AIR CONTROl it might be sticking My 97 6speed used to idle high till i changed the IAC which is located in ur throttle body.
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    either your iac or tps sensor, I have had the tps sensor go out and made my rpms go all wacko

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