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help with finding engine part

This is a discussion on help with finding engine part within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey there guys, I'm a new member here. I was wondering if anyone could help me finding the engine coolant ...

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    help with finding engine part

    Hey there guys, I'm a new member here. I was wondering if anyone could help me finding the engine coolant temperature sensor. My boyfreind bought the part, however he cant find where it is at on my car. I looked around but I know nothing about cars and didnt see any part that was brassy looking like the replacement. Hopefully someone can help me out. 2002 Firebird


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    Front of the driver side cylinder head.

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    At the risk of asking a dumb question, how come you're replacing the sensor? What conditions are evident that pointed you to the sensor?

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    Actually its not a dumb question at all. I live pretty far from my dads house and he usually fixes everything for me. My check engine light came on and I had the code checked. It was a 00420. I looked it up and we got these results:
    A code P0420 may mean that one or more of the following has happened:

    * Leaded fuel was used where unleaded was called for
    * An oxygen sensor is not reading (functioning) properly
    * The engine coolant temperature sensor is not working properly
    * Damaged exhaust manifold / catalytic converter / exhaust pipe
    * Retarded spark timing

    Well I know I didnt use unleaded fuel. My boyfreind changed the rear O2 sensor, we figured that since the car runs perfectly that it wouldnt be one of the front ones. My dad said he seriously doubts that the spark timing is off, as long as we didnt mess with anything and being that the car starts and run fines. SO.... changing the temp sensor is my last resort before going to the dealership. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    p0420 is the driver side catalytic converter code...if your car has less than 80,000 miles on it, the cat is covered under the federal emissions warranty. Go to the dealer and it'll be free...don't delete the code, the dealer will need to see it when they scan it.

    When you get the p0420 I's because the pcm compares the o2 in the exhaust before and after the cats...and if it's out of tolerance it throws the code. You might just be getting the effect of a different a bad head causing coolant to enter the exhaust on the driverside which causes the cat to go bad. Your motor could be running rich also...but you'd think the passenger side cat would go bad also...which it could be in time. Replacing the driverside cat might just be a temp fix....the dealer should know all this already ...good luck

    Make sure you go to the dealer with a your b/f or your dad...that way the dealer doesn't try to rip you off. Not saying it'll happen, but i've seen it happen.
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