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Help! Defective LS6 crate motor. GM won't cover.

This is a discussion on Help! Defective LS6 crate motor. GM won't cover. within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by supermegagoon Just to clarify, this was a brand new motor. I was told GM does not test ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by supermegagoon View Post
    Just to clarify, this was a brand new motor. I was told GM does not test these motors after they've been built. They just crate them up and sell them. My point is this: This motor was worthless from the moment that I purchased it. Because of the lack of testing or shoddy QA, the defect couldn't be found until oil was added and it was pressurized for the first time, (requires a complete install). And now I must pay an additional $2750 to have yet another new engine installed in my car? How can this possibly be considered my responsibility? Is buying a new motor a crapshoot? I'm taking this to court, but wanted to see if anyone else had some suggestions before I go the legal route.
    so what are the actual particulars to the motor being bought and put in the car? Did you buy it online and have it shipped to a mechanic? Was it ordered through a dealer? All that makes a difference IMO. You're over a barrel here due to it listing the warranty as parts only. As far as they're concerned they're living up to their end of the deal and you will just spend more money on a lawyer in addition to the extra install money. It depends on the particulars but I would call as high up the GM food chain as you can and just talk to someone. Don't threaten suit or anything like that because they know you'll lose and you'll get zip. Just talk to them and ask them what they can do for you.

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    He bought it from which is a GM dealership called Lattof Chevrolet in Arlington Heights, IL.
    I also agree with trying the no lawyer, no threat approach with someone at GM.

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    I agree no lawyer thing Never say the sue word that will be the end of them talking to you, try saying how you can Never trust any GM car if this is what they are doing to you, how you will tell everyone you know that GM does NOT stand behide there Cars, parts, how you come last in what should be the first thing they need, right now people to buy there cars LOL just asked if this happen to you what would you do sir, then remind them you are trying to keep there car on the Road, why because you are proud of it and Bullshit , you can go far if you can BS your way into it ,

    if you go and sue anyone just take them to small claims and call all the news channels to try to cover the story ,like here we have on the news shame on you report and that is JUST WRONG report thatwill cover this type of story

    and with out a fight you will lose so just try to stand your grounds and prove your point that you never got to drive it and it never sould have left ,

    like buying a Brand new car and they Never placed anything on the inside

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