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help on Brakes & Rotors

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    Question help on Brakes & Rotors

    Hello I was told today that I need new brakes and Rotors was thinking of going with Performance Rotors / slots or Drilled Rotors and Ceramic Pads and good place to buy them from , is there anything else I need or should change ,If you have done this Up grade can you please send me some picture to

    I was told these would last a long long long time right and are worth the money thanks again everyone for your time and advice

    P.S the car is a WS6 with 6 speed

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    I just put a set of Roto tech rotors, cross drilled on my 2000 SS Camaro along with Performance friction brake pads I was very impressed with the product and stopping power. So I bought another set for my 2000 WS6 you can get 2 front rotors along with pads for $219.87 shipped I got them from Jegs they are also zinc coated

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    Cool Mmmmmmmmmmmm

    I dont get this ,I ask a question and not to many people answered it ?

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    this is a post from one of our sponsors that he posted in another should help you, also use the search feature on the site

    here are pages on brakes/rotors

    Rotors are friction surfaces. They don't really change the amount of braking power you have, what you get with premium rotors are tougher, better engineered pieces that are less prone to warping, cracking and so on.

    Brembo's have historically been good for these cars, but because of the economic times they keep moving production to different places, and I can't keep up with the changes. Clearly they are doing this to try and save some money, but at the same time the prices keep climbing. In fact they've gotten so close to the price of the ATE PremiumOne rotors that I'm now recommending those because of their known quality and the fact they are coated to prevent rust on the hats and edges and a lot of folks like that. They are also sort of slotted, but in a way that does not weaken the rotor. The "slots" are elliptical grooves that are cast in, cleaned up and have no sharp edges to act as stress risers (that start cracks). They also aren't very deep, when the rotor is to minimum service thickness the "slot" wears away and you are left with a blank to show you the rotos is in need of changing.

    We also offer an inexpensive line of rotors called "Best Rotors" (cheesy name I know, I didnt' make it up). They are inexpensive and not junk. In fact they have a 2 year warranty from the supplier that's actually honored if there is any issue like severe warping as long as they are used with an approved pad like a Hawk (junk pads can tear rotors up).

    All the brake stuff we have for the cars can be seen here:

    Plenty of choices, and we carry both inexpensive and premium rotors. But Ebay deals tend to be iffy. There are a lot of folks buying really cheap rotors, drilling and machining them and selling them for a good profit. And I guess if they can, good for them. I'm not big on iffy brakes.
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    here is a site that will show you how to install

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    heres mine...

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