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    Is there anybody that lives in the northern KY Cincy area that i can meet up with that is pretty knowledgable about these cars, i have this annoying squeaking sound coming from my front end that i can not pin point and its driving me nuts, my car sounds like a amish wagon coming down the road

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    is it while you are driving/moving or also at idle/park?

    Is it a constant chirp or squeal?

    Most common sources of chirping/squealing noise is from: The serpentine belt tensioner, A/C belt tensioner, both belts, pulley bearings, power steering pump, rack & pinion and water pump. If it was timing chain it would just snap and engine would not run.

    You can try this method to locate which pulley is going out. ***THIS IS NOT A JOKE IT ACTUALLY WORKS *** Take a long screw driver or metal rod. I mean a long one at lease 24", as car is running, place tip to pulley, next place your ear to the rod/screwdriver ***be careful***, listen for a high pitch sound. Go from pulley to pulley, you will notice a major difference in sound between one that is ok and one that is bad. The bad has the higher frequency noise.

    If it is not the above then it could be suspension. With the car at park/engine off, push down on each side of quarter panel above the wheels. If it makes noise most likely your shocks have blown. You would also have a rough ride and cornering.

    Look for anything that is loose or hanging.

    I also had a plastic bag get sucked up into my radiator and it made a whistling sound that drove me crazy. So look there too. Never know.

    if all else fails try to post a video and we can try to help.

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    Stop here on Friday night. 2011 Friday Night Gatherings
    Plenty of people to check it out.

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