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Headlight Problem - Not Gear ?

This is a discussion on Headlight Problem - Not Gear ? within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I know, I know, yet ANOTHER headlight thread. This one is different than the rest - I did use the ...

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    Headlight Problem - Not Gear ?

    I know, I know, yet ANOTHER headlight thread. This one is different than the rest - I did use the search button before posting this. Here's my story:

    Three days ago my '01 WS6's driver's side headlight decided to seize up at about 1/3 the open. It would also not raise or close regardless of how many times I cycled the headlights from within the cabin. I manually raised the headlight via the knob and it stayed up. It was effortless to raise the headlight in this manner.

    No peculiar sounds were coming from the headlight - in fact, no sounds at all. Not even the trademark stripped-nylon gear sound when trying to raise/lower it via the switch in the cabin.

    I was convinced a tooth on one of the nylon gears broke off and jammed it while I was driving - hence why I never heard anything.

    Here's where it gets "interesting" - today the headlight cycles normally without any trouble. There's no peculiar sounds - nothing. It's as if nothing happened.

    Does this sound more like an electrical problem than a gear problem? If so, what can I do to see if it's an electrical issue? I have not had a chance to check the connector between the motor and the eletrical wiring, so that's one area I can look at. What else should I check?

    Thanks everyone.
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    Sounds like a bad motor. losing contact internally. Next time it stops, try tapping on the motor and se if it starts working.

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