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Headlight Adjustment....

This is a discussion on Headlight Adjustment.... within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I was wondering if anyone knows the proper way to adjust/align headlights properly? It always drove me nuts that one ...

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    Headlight Adjustment....

    I was wondering if anyone knows the proper way to adjust/align headlights properly? It always drove me nuts that one headlight was lower than the other, so I just adjusted them so they were the same. But Id like to have them adjusted correctly. I did a search but couldnt find anything. Also looked in the manual but nothing there either.

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    Get about 10-12 feet from a wall or garage door....turn your lights on low beam...adjust them to both be level....if folks flash you while you are on low beam...bring em down a tad or do not want them too low as you will "outdrive" or "drivepast" your beam.........many measure from the ground up to the center of their headlights...then tape a "target" on the wall the exact same height.....10-12 feet back you adjust your headlights to hit that target....

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    That's all there is to it?

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    what about that special GM tool???

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    Generically speaking cars headlamps should be aimed approximately 2 inches down and 2 inches right (away from oncoming traffic on a 2 lane road) at 25 feet away.
    So park about 25 feet away from the garage door or a wall. measure how high the center of your headlight is from the ground. mark that same height on the wall and aim the headlight down about 2 inches.
    That'll give you a good starting point to make further adjustments

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    I just did mine aim at the garage door half a year ago like they said and I got them aligned no problem. Very easy, no special tool needed.

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    If you search (may have to google this one) there's instructions for aimimg the headlights. It basically involves squareing up you vehicle 25 feet from a wall, garage door etc. Measure the height to the center of your lights, then mark that on the wall, etc. It's very eay and works great.
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