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headers or a yank torque converter for new Ls6

This is a discussion on headers or a yank torque converter for new Ls6 within the General Help forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; [QUOTE=0rion;2310909][quote=bossho;2310891] I was ready to pull the trigger on a new stock GM Goodwrench LS6 for $3200 but my performance ...

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    new LS6 vs stroker?


    I was ready to pull the trigger on a new stock GM Goodwrench LS6 for $3200 but my performance oriented mechanic with 20 yrs. experience is instead recommending a custom 383 stroker build of my existing Ls1 engine, which he tells me the pros will be it will be more reliable than that $3200 LS6 GM Goodwrench engine when, hand-built and customized correctly.

    He's putting together a parts list with the build kit, LS6 intake manifold, stall converter, headers, recommended cam, and other parts. If I buy the parts from him he told me he can get me equivalent or better pricing.

    He;s also recommending a tranny cooler (I'm in Southwest Florida) , and a transmission filter & pan gasket change and replacing the fluid with B&M Trick Shift ATF. Since I'm replacing the converter, then all the fluid in the trans will be new. He
    is also recommending replacing the seals since when the engine is out.

    He's also recommending a custom-welded or tuned bolt-on exhaust, gear drive kit for precise and long-lasting timing and sound. Also a rear end service, and a programmer so I can easily access the computer for dyno tuning, and tuning on the fly/ minor adjustments, etc.

    Any feedback to this route vs. simply going with the GM Goodwrench LS6 with about $1000-$1200 of extras like ebay headers, cam & stall?

    Any guesses on what his cost estimate is going to work out to?

    Any input positive or negative is appreciated as always.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.


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    Gear drive? That's overkill and pricey. 383's are great but the they do have there problems, look through ed's info he has a 383 and can answer some questions on that. Taking out all the old tranny fluid isn't necessarily a good thing, and what it sounds like is just an oil trans fluid change w/ some fancy brands thrown around, nothing being done to actually strengthen it. Tranny coolers are a good idea to put on, even on a stock stall no matter where you live.

    Programmer's suck, the only way to do it would be hp tuners or the like and that would be assuming you would even know where to begin in the first place.

    For the rear there isn't much to do, if the outer bearings are showing signs of pitting you either have to replace the axle and get new bearings or do repair bearings and risk going through what this guy went through
    Axle C clips
    There isn't much you can do to strengthen a 10 bolt, and for your perceived hp plans you will probably only end up only spending a little more getting a 9"/12bolt and be done with it. Unless you intend to baby it off the line the 10 bolt won't hold up.
    A custom exhaust is great but there are tons of kits from 3" y's, to 4"y's supporting 500rwhp, and even duals. See what he has in mind and what price he has in mind.

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    seems like he is trying to give you a run and scoop up your money.

    there is no way a 383 is as reliable as a oem crate 5.7 way.....besides that just get regular ATF fluid to the programer..just get a good tune from a shop down there that specializes in lsxs...your a 98 so you cant do on the fly adjustments ..adjustments need to be done without the car running . get duals if you want..or a nice custom y pipe design will be fine.

    dont put a dime in that 10 after a wont last long usually .....if he truely had your best interests in mind he would be telling you to beef up the tranny, the rear, and the suspension...

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    B&M trick shit caused my other 4l60e to burn up the rear planetary gears and ruined the trans. Its type F fluid anyways. A gear drive isnt supposed to be used on any computer controlled engine because it causes false KR which in turn makes the computer pull unnessesary timing.

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